The Italian sports newspaper criticizes the lynching on the head of Black Friday

Milan, December 6 (AFP) The Italian sports newspaper Corriere dello Sport described the violent reaction on its controversial Black Friday headline as a lynching.

The front page headline accompanied an article about the first Series A meeting between former Manchester United teammates Romelu Lukaku and Chris Smalling.

Who do you call racist? Lynching a newspaper that has defended freedom and equality for a century, said the headline of Friday's newspaper.

Inter Milan striker Lukaku and Roma defender Smalling face Friday at San Siro while the north side seeks to maintain first place in Serie A.

Both players have condemned the headline that caused the uproar in a country where several players have recently been subjected to racist abuse.

Smalling, from Rome, said the cover was incorrect and very insensitive, while Lukaku accused the newspaper of fueling negativity and racism.

On Friday, Corriere dedicated his first three pages to the matter, with photos of his previous headlines dealing with the issue of racism.

The newspaper said that they were the enemies of racism and consider that their headline had been perverted by the superficiality and bad faith of social networks and websites, which quickly disguised the message.

The Italian newspaper praised Lukaku and Smalling, two extraordinary professionals.

For them, we are sincerely sorry, our intention was not to hurt them, but to show them, and we will continue fighting racism and ignorance, writes Corriere.

In Italy, Lukaku, Mario Balotelli, the Frenchman Blaise Matuidi, the Ivorian Franck Kessie and the Kalidou Koulibaly of Senegal have been the target of insults and racist songs in recent seasons.

- 'Dumbest Holder' -


Instead of focusing on a battle between two teams ... Corriere dello Sport comes with the dumbest headlines I've seen in my career, Lukaku said in a message on Twitter.

You continue to feed the negativity and the problem of racism. Lukaku and Smalling have taken Serie A by surprise since they arrived in the closed season, with the Belgian striker tying 10 goals in 14 appearances for the Inter title and English international Smalling candidates becoming an instant favorite of fans in the capital .

It is important to recognize that what happened this morning was incorrect and highly insensitive, Smalling wrote on Twitter.

I hope that the editors involved in the management of this headline assume responsibility and understand the power they possess through words and the impact that those words have. Both Rome and AC Milan said they would ban Corriere dello Sport until the end of 2019 in the headline.

Our players will not carry out any media activity with the newspaper during this period, the two clubs said in a joint statement. They added that the ban was short because the actual newspaper article associated with the head of 'Black Friday' portrayed an anti-racist message. (AFP) APA APA