The idea of ​​Venkat Prabhu for an Ajith-Vijay movie

Earlier this year in March, when the director Venkat Prabhu He shared a photo of himself with Thala Ajith on his social networking page, the internet was buzzing with reports that the acclaimed director might be teaming up with Ajith soon. The fans had and have been questioning the director if 'Mankatha 2' was on the cards. Venkat Prabhu has always been open to the idea of ​​sequel to 'Mankatha' and has often said he is ready to do it and is waiting for Ajith's call.

Meanwhile, he has also expressed his desire to do a film with Thala Ajith and Thalapathy Vijay together in a film and the netizens have always maintained that Venkat Prabhu is one director who could pull off such a casting successfully. The talks about a Ajith and Vijay film together arising after Venkat Prabhu has once revealed that Vijay had said he would have done Arjun's role in 'Mankatha' he was asked for the role.

While the director is keen to kick start 'Maanadu' with Simbu for now, he has recently revealed about the characters he would have for Ajith and Vijay in his film, incase gets to them to act together in a film. Venkat Prabhu has revealed that both Ajith and Vijay would not be related to each other in his film (brother, friends or any family relationships). Also the film would full of twists and turns keeping the audience in a guess as who is the hero and villain, as both would be have good shades as well as negative shades in their characters.

Looks like the fans would be in for a treat Venkat Prabhu gets Thala Ajith and Thalapathy Vijay to act together.