The loss of the test series in Australia has hurt Pakistan's cricket pride: Azhar Ali

KARACHI: Pattern Azhar Ali On Friday, he said the loss of the test series in Australia is unacceptable and has hurt Pakistan's cricket pride.

Pakistan had an unforgettable tour of Australia, as it lost the T20 0-2 series before suffering shameful defeats in the two Tests, which were part of the World Test Championship.

It is very disappointing how we lost both tests. Defeats in Australia have hurt our cricket pride and it is difficult to accept, Azhar told reporters in Lahore after returning from Australia.

We had gone there with all the right preparations and with a positive mindset. So the defeat of the two entries is not acceptable and I will not offer excuses for this.

Azhar insisted that his team had prepared well for the series, but could not properly execute the plans.

We did not get wickets with the new ball, we did not forge great alliances, we did not build on good beginnings and our plans against David Warner did not work either because it countered well, he said.

We chose a young rhythm attack for the Tests and hit the first Test first and I think that showed our intention that we wanted to play positive cricket.

The truth is that we were doing a recovery game in both Tests and once you are late in Australia it is very difficult to catch up on the Tests, Azhar added.

Australia's starter David Warner made a big difference by scoring 154 in the first Test before producing a record three hundred records in the Adelaide Oval .

He (Warner) had a very bad series of ashes and our bowling players needed to take advantage of that and they didn't have it, Azhar said.

However, Azhar defended the selection of the young rhythm attack, which could not deliver Down Under.

They didn't take wickets, but the world is talking about them and they have a great future ahead, he said.

Azhar also made it clear that he was not under pressure due to his bad form.

I accepted the captaincy after much thought and I know what I want. I am not under pressure at this time nor do I think about what will happen or lose the captaincy. But it's a fact if you're a captain or player if you don't act, you can't expect to be on the team, he said.

He also rejected suggestions that his knee surgery last year was hampering his batting form.

If I wasn't fit, I don't think the PCB medical staff would have authorized me to play for Pakistan, Azar said.

I have already overcome the injury and although I have not had many runs or great entries after returning from surgery, I do not think it is affecting my batting.

Sometimes it's also about luck. I am playing with the ball and I feel comfortable with the fold, my footwork is good but luck has not been with me.

The Pakistani boss said he was confident that the team will move forward positively.

We need to trust each other. I am not afraid of being fired as a captain. I can't control that I can only control our performance. We need to end the fear factor in our team. That is the key, he said. .

On the next series of tests against Sri Lanka at home, Azhar said it won't be easy since most of the players, including himself, will play a test in Pakistan for the first time.

When we played in the United Arab Emirates, we had a plan on how to get results there, but here we will have to look at the releases first and then see what plans to make to get results in Pakistan.

We have to come up with a new game plan. We want a track that suits us. We need to start over on how to win tests in Pakistan.

Asked about reports that he was just playing Cricket test To tour England next year and then settle in the United Kingdom and play long term for Somerset, Azhar did not hesitate to flatly reject the reports.

... should confirm any such news, especially when it comes to our personal life. My son was in the United Kingdom but I also called him to Pakistan, I have no business in the United Kingdom and I have no contract with Somerset. He had a one-year contract with Somerset last year and that's it, he said.