Vetrimaran will present the film Tamil, winner of a National Prize, Baaram

In an interesting movement, creator of multiple critically acclaimed films, he of the fame of Visaaranai, the winner of the National Prize, Vetri Maaran, has decided to present the film ' Baaram '.

This film won the 2018 National Film Award for Best Film in Tamil. Written and directed by Priya Krishnaswamy , the film addresses the controversial practice of killing the elderly in the family by the rest of the family members. Known as 'Thalaikoothal', it is a form of senicide, where family members lead the elderly to death. As they age and cannot work or earn, the elderly become a baaram or burden for the family and, in certain parts of the rural area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTamil Nadu, those older people are murdered in silence.

Baaram's story follows the life and death of Karuppasamy, a widowed night watchman, who slips and breaks his hip one fine day. He is taken for treatment by his son to his ancestral village, but what happens to Karuppaswamy after that? How does he die?

We rarely come across a sincere film around a relevant issue. Baaram is one such film. An intense and intriguing tale exposing a practice that'll leave us all introspecting on our own insensitivities to the world around us. When I saw the film I wanted to be a part of this film in some way, and decided to present It, announced Vetri Maaran, whose latest Kollywood The tour was Asuran, starring Dhanush.