Musical Review: Jada

Album: Jada Composer: Sam CS

Music Review: Jada ’s music album by Sam CS opens with a breezy number, Apdi Pakaadhadi, sung by Anirudh Ravichander and Swagatha S Krishnan. Anirudh’s gripping voice suits the feel of the song quite well and Swagatha matches to it impressively. What adds color to the bright instrumentation of the song is the flute lead portion. And the string instruments add beauty to the dynamics of the whole song.

The second song on the album is Olamikka sung by Sathyaprakash D. As always, Sathyaprakash impresses with its vocal range and texture. It opens with an acoustic guitar solo and the singer's voice slides in a simple and relaxed style, followed by the introduction of percussion, which changes the mood of the song.

The third and final number of the album, Tarrake Tararrake, played by Benny Dayal, is an accelerated number, loaded with guitar and percussion riffs. Benny's voice and the vocal backing of the children's choir add to the lively feeling of the song. The lyrics have many references to football, keeping the song in sync with the theme of the movie, which shows the aspirations of a soccer player from a village. In general, the songs sound decent, pleasing to different musical tastes. Among the three, Apdi Pakaadhadi sounds better musically, a kind of earthworm.