Music Review: Dhanusu Raasi Neyargale

Album: Dhanusu Raasi Neyargale Composer: Ghibran

Music Review: All the songs in Dhanusu Raasi Neyargalae somehow form a musical bouquet of hummable songs. Although some of them are very common themes, the waves of having heard the other numbers also keep you smiling.

Murada Murada is very Vaseegara-in-Minnale style. And why not, both have been sung by Bombay Jayashri. Ghibran’s lilting tune keeps it going, and Viveka’s lyrics make the mellifluous tone rich with meaning. The next song, I Want A Girl, is a peppy, EDM-meet-kuthu number with all the trademark Anirudh drama and panache. Anirudh and Ghibran have given voice to this song which is all about searching for that ideal girl of your dreams, who all the boys ‘kedkyaradhu vera searching daan’. Ku Karthik’s lyrics keep the lingo collegian for that instant youth connect.

Neethan Venumadi is also about the ideal girl, very guitarist, with Sarath Santhosh and Rajan Chelliah bravely trying to keep her together as a song. Vignesh Shivn's lyrics do nothing, since they seem repetitive after a period. However, if you are a fan of Avicii’s Wake Me Up, you will form a hobby associated with this song. Yaaru Mela could have been completely eliminated, it is a mediocre effort. Sung by Sowmya Mahadevan and Lijisha Praveen, with lyrics by Madhan Karky, this song, with the use of traditional instruments, et al., Could have been an argument for popular people, but it doesn't quite come.

Come Back, again sung by Anirudh and Ghibran, and penned by Ku Karthik, might have gone the same way, but stops short of being banal because of the very reggae-ish touch to the beats that makes you think of sun and sand and surf . This bunch of adventurous, innovative music makers could have given us a crackling, sizzling album, but somewhere between vying for commercial elements and being influenced by western chart-toppers, they’ve scattered the tunes; all save for Murada Murada - this one’s for the loop.