The forest department orders to shoot the leopard eat-men of Amreli

RAJKOT: The forestry department has issued orders to shoot a leopard after killing a 50-year-old farmer on Wednesday night, being the most brutal attack ever since in the region in the recent past.

The leopard dragged the farmer Vaju Board, who was sleeping outside his cabin after watering the cotton farm in the village of Mota Munjiyasar, for quite a distance. The leopard tore his abdomen and other parts of his body. Forest officials strongly suspect that the leopard even ate some of the body parts when scattered pieces of meat were found near the bushes where Board's body was found.

This is the second incident of leopard killing a human in the same village. In early September, a 70-year-old woman had died in one place.

A team of 56 forest department staff members, including Sasan trackers, Gir (east) and the Shetrunji mountain range, is scanning the area to catch leopards, which is now suspected to have become a man-eating man.

The deputy conservator of the Amreli forest, Priyanka Gehlot, told TOI: “We have established 10 cages to catch the leopard and a camouflage to catch it. If this leopard is not captured alive, we have instructed to shoot the animal.

The villagers only found out about the incident in the morning. Ramesh Satasia, a resident of Mota Munjiyasar, said: “This is the second incident of leopard attack in the village. This has occurred due to the total neglect of PGVCL and the forestry department. We had demanded electricity during the day, so we don't have to go to the farm at night.

On Tuesday, too, we had informed the forestry department about the leopard movement near the village, but they didn't take it seriously, Satasia said.

Two months ago, forest officials had captured four leopards near this village. In the past eight months, nine people have been killed by leopards in the villages of the Talukas of Dhari and Bagasra.

Upon observing the large number of leopard attacks, the forestry department decided to release these three Talukas that line the Junagadh and Amreli districts and created 25 cages. They have been able to cage 14 leopards captured in the last month.