Karnataka Surveys: Is high electoral participation a blessing or a curse for BJP?

BENGALURU: The high participation of voters in the polls, except for the four constituencies in Benglauru Urban, has sparked a debate about whether it will help or hinder the ruling BJP.

The BJP insists that high participation places it in an advantageous position. Officials say people came in large numbers to ensure stability over the next three and a half years. Similarly, Congress and the JD (S) feel that high participation in rural constituencies is an indication of anti-incumbency against the BJP.

The 15 seats that went to the polls on Thursday registered an average participation of 66% according to the Electoral Commission reports. That is 5% less than the average electoral participation of 71% in the 2018 assembly polls, the highest since 1952. But the percentage in 11 seats outside Bangalore stood at 78%.

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The BJP, for which these elections are crucial, is seeing the greatest electoral participation as a. It seems that voters from all sectors of society, including the educated, have come to the polling stations in large numbers with the resolution to end political uncertainty in the state, the minister of rural development and panchayat told TOI raj, KS Eshwarappa. We believe it will benefit us and there should be no doubt about it.

Tourism Minister CT Ravi echoed similar opinions, saying that high participation indicates that people want stability. In this regard, he said, the BJP has the advantage.

BJP says that the high participation in the constituencies of Athani, Kagwad, Gokak, Hirekerur, Ranebennur and Vijayanagara will favor the BJP due to the BS Yediyurappa factor. In these seats, the lingayats are a majority and obviously want Yediyurappa to continue as CM, said a BJP official.

Congress has adopted a cautious vision. KPCC President Dinesh Gundurao said the numbers cannot be deciphered. It's only when we get numbers from each stand, we can comment, Rao said.

However, a senior Congress official said that high participation indicates the underlying anger of voters against disqualified MLAs. As we observed during the campaign, there is a lot of anger against disqualified MLAs and I think they have expressed it by voting in large numbers, he said. He attributed the high participation of voters in the Old Mysuru region to the anger of the Vokkaliga community against the BJP for overthrowing the HD-KD (S) coalition led by Kumaraswamy.