Once again, 50 women were forced to lie on the floor after sterilization in Madhya Pradesh.

BHOPAL: Fifty women were denied hospital beds after sterilization, and forced to lie on the floor in Shivpuri despite a warning from Parliament's health minister, Tulsiram Silawat, that those who do will face strict measures . This is the same hospital that had left a corpse unattended in a room for five hours, while ants crawled into their eyes.

The shocking images of the women, wrapped in blankets and lying on the floor or dirty carpets, turned around on Thursday. “You have brought it to my notice. I will talk to the collector and the health department officials. We will ensure that such incidents never happen again, health minister Tulsiram Silawat told TOI.

Shivpuri district authorities promised to take action against those responsible for this. While Commissioner Prateek Hajela did not respond to calls for comment, a senior health official admitted that this is alarmingly frequent in district hospitals. “Most district hospitals are violating the sterilization SOP ordered by the family welfare ministry. Hospitals have been repeatedly told to follow the guidelines, but it was in vain. Officials report that cases of infections caused by this are not enough to save their jobs, ”said the health officer on condition of anonymity. Most government hospitals lack basic facilities and do not have enough beds and stretchers, he said.

Three days ago, similar shocks were reported from Vidisha and districts, where almost 150 women were operated in government hospitals. In response to media reports on these cases, health minister Tulsi Silawat said that those responsible for this would have to face actions. In two cases previously reported by Vidisha, the district fundraiser had suspended the block's medical officer.

The Shivpuri district hospital has been in the news for serious failures. Recently, ants had crawled into the eyes of a corpse that had been left unattended for more than five hours. Prime Minister Kamal Nath had ordered an immediate action, which led to the suspension of two doctors, three nurses and two ward boys. CM Nath had tweeted: Such incidents are a disgrace to humanity and cannot be tolerated.

In 2017, the rats had gnawed the finger of a newborn after hospital staff placed the baby on the floor, saying there was no empty bed. She was born around midnight and it was only the next morning that the wounds were detected. When the family went to the hospital authorities, they ignored their complaint. It was only when senior officials approached that the mother and the injured newborn were taken to the pediatric ward. On August 13 of this year, a patient with tuberculosis was killed in his hospital bed. It took the police a couple of weeks to solve the mystery because there was no operational CCTV on the premises. Police finally arrested three people and said the murder was the result of a property dispute.