Man buries the bedridden wife alive in Goa

BICHOLIM: Frustrated by the illness of his wife who left her in bed, a 46-year-old man buried her alive Wednesday night. Tukaram Shetgaonkar of Marmavada in Bicholim buried his wife at the construction site of the canal for the Tillari irrigation project.

They came to light on Thursday around 10 a.m., when workers leveled the dug mud with an earthmoving machine.

Bicholim police said that when the mud leveling work began, Shetgaonkar came to the site and told the workers to stop working because he had some objection.

But the workers refused to pay attention to Shetgaonkar and continued their work. By then, the earthmoving machine had removed a bucket of mud.

While the second bucket of mud was removed, the workers were surprised to find a female body buried there. Shetgaonkar, who was nearby, fled the place immediately.

Police were informed and rushed to the site and took possession of the body, which was sent to the Goa Medical College for autopsy.

Under suspicion, Shetgaonkar was summoned to the police station and when questioned, confessed to the murder and said the body was his wife Tanvi, 44. He told police that he had been put to bed and that poverty and frustration led him to bury her alive on Wednesday night.

Shetgaonkar also said that his 14-year-old son had stopped attending school due to his pathetic living conditions.

The police have arrested Shetgaonkar. PI Sanjay Dalvi is the research officer.

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