Upload creative videos instead of taking selfies, Telangana's grandmother says on YouTube

BENGALURU: This grandmother is asking young people to stop wasting time and start making videos for YouTube to succeed in life. Gangavva Milikuri, 62, is after all a farmer's sensation turned into YouTube.

Coming from the village of Lambadipally in the Jagtial district, Gangavva appears on My Village Show, a YouTube channel with 1.2 million subscribers. He was in town on Thursday for the Nasscom Foundation Tech for Good Summit, 2019.

Speaking to TOI on the sidelines, Gangavva said young people can start making videos on YouTube and channel their creativity in better ways instead of playing online games or spending time on social media.

Sriram Srikanth, the 29-year-old YouTuber and relative of Gangavva, started My Village Show in 2012. “At least 10 people travel to our village every day to meet Gangavva. She tells them that instead of taking selfies with her, they should become famous themselves, she said.

However, Gangavva, who has more than 28,000 followers on Instagram, did not always have this opinion about technology or YouTube. More than three years ago, when Srikanth used to tour the village recording people's daily lives, Gangavva always asked him to focus on studies and find a regular job.

One day, Srikanth decided to record one of his videos in Gangavva's kitchen and asked him to say something on camera. To his surprise, his instant dialogues in colloquial telugu were a great success.

Since then, Gangavva has become an important part of the nine-member channel with the public requesting their presence in each video. Each of his videos received no less than five lakh views. I have made videos like those of Kiki Challenge and PubG in the villages and even a recent one about Drinking and driving in the village. I enjoy being in front of the camera and it makes me feel powerful and safe, ”she says.

The channel has produced 200 videos to date on village themes and comic shots on urban trends. Gangavva says that YouTube is his window to the outside world after a life full of struggles. Speaking on the panel about Wealth, courage and women in technology forever, he narrated how he lost his parents and married when he was only three years old. “I used to plow our land manually. I did extreme manual work and worked for only 25 countries, ”he said.

Her husband left her with her four children for 15 years and returned only after she had married them. “I didn't even know if he was alive or dead. He passed away eight years ago, ”she said. However, he has now found a new opportunity for life and excitement through YouTube videos. I am illiterate, but I have reached this point thanks to the willpower, Gangavva said. He has also worked on Telugu movies.

What else do I need to make a name for my people, he asked.