Kolkata: the black belt actor confronts the road thugs

KOLKATA: A Tollywood actor who became an entrepreneur, who is also a black belt in martial arts, faced an act of indecent gesture by a group of young people in a car. On Tuesday night, he followed them along the Salt Lake trails, took a picture of his car and filed a police report after the group tried to intimidate her.

When investigating the case, police arrested two young men on Thursday night and confiscated the car. They would be produced before a Salt Lake court on Friday.

Salt Lake resident Indrani Mukherjee (45), who had acted in more than 20 Bengali mega-series and four films before starting her own business with a cafeteria and boutique in northern Kolkata, said the incident occurred around 9 Tuesday between the crossing of Ultadanga and the crossing of GNP in Salt Lake.

“I was driving along the main road of Ultadanaga and was passing under the gangway when a car behind me continued to honk, gesturing me to let it pass. There was no place in the front to even move and let me pass, but they kept honking. Initially I ignored them, but just as I was about to turn left towards the Hudco crossing, the car reached me and, in the attempt, almost passed by my car, ”said Mukherjee.

He had to slow down in a hurry to avoid the accident, but then he realized that the torment had just begun. “The car that now almost moved parallel to me was constantly rocking to the left and right and it was very hard for me to avoid a collision. When we stopped at the Hudco crossing, the young man sitting next to the driver lowered the car window and started abusing me for being a woman and trying to drive a car. He even made an indecent gesture with his fingers before rushing towards Salt Lake, ”said Mukherjee.

Abused and humiliated, and determined to teach them a lesson, Mukherjee pursued him and grabbed him at the PNB crossing, about 500 meters from the Hudco crossing and took out his cell phone to take a picture of the car registration number. The young people began abusing and gesturing towards her again, but realizing that she was writing down her registration numbers and with a police kiosk right at the junction, the driver turned sharply to the left, jumped a signal and entered the lane. AA block

Mukherjee returned home and posted about the incident with the photograph and the registration number of the car, WB02 AP5027, and a detailed account of the harassment on his Facebook profile and tagged Kolkata police. The next day, he decided to take the matter forward and filed an official complaint at the Bidhannagar North police station.

“I could have left the matter as a passing incident. But I decided to move forward with the case because I wanted to protest against these growing incidents of crimes against women, ”said Mukherjee, a resident of the DF Block in Salt Lake. With a black belt in karate, which even mentors children who practice martial arts, Mukherjee has acted in four films with characters such as Soumitra Chatterjee, Prosenjit and Tota Roy Chowdhury and has appeared in 20 strange television series, until he started a coffee and a boutique in Shovabazar last year.

She said she was even prepared for a fight if the men tried to get out of the car and confront her. “If the men got out of the car and tried to hurt me, I was even ready for a fight. I have trained accordingly. I did everything I could, from reporting the matter to provide a photograph of the car's registration number to the police, ”he said.

Bidhannagar Commission officials arrested two, Ajay Gupta (22) and Pranit Gupta (24), and seized the car. “Both are residents of Narkeldanga and Amherst Street. They have confessed that they often drive through the municipality and have admitted their knowledge about Tuesday's incident. We will interrogate them further and present them to a Salt Lake court on Friday. The car belongs to a relative of Gupta, ”said an officer.