The best classified police station in Delhi operates from porta cabins

NEW DELHI: A study commissioned by the Ministry of Interior named him the sixth best in the country, the only one in the capital in the Top 10. And it operates from, not as a building, unlike most other police stations.

It is the police surveillance that has given the Baba Haridas Nagar police station top honors. Crime prevention, good investigation and an increasing case elimination rate. With a population of more than four lakh, in an area of ​​45 km2, this police station had registered 685 FIRs until the end of November this year. It solved 99% of the cases of heinous crimes. He also scored well on patrol, discipline and cleanliness. A purified water facility, clean bathrooms and seating arrangements suitable for visitors despite the lack of space earned him good marks.

“We don't have the kind of infrastructure that a police station should have and still we managed to find a place on this list. Imagine where we could have gone if we had that infrastructure, ”said a senior police officer posted there.

How this police station was turned in just one year

He noted that they only have 114 people on staff against a requirement of 218. And of the 114 employees, 28 have been assigned to people in the area as PSO. They are protecting those who are vulnerable in the gang war that has been going on in the area, which has a dominant rural profile, for many years.

The objective of the study was to classify the 10 main police stations of 15,579 in the country through data analysis, direct observation and public feedback. The main criterion was mainly its performance in crime prevention, investigation and elimination of cases, crime detection, community surveillance and maintenance of law and order. The infrastructure and public comments on staff performance received a weight of 20% only.

The process began with the pre-selection of the best police stations in each state. The data from CCTNS (Network of the Crime and Crime Tracking System) was collected for the number of cases registered, the number of filed charge sheets and the number of cases in which the charge sheet was filed in 60 days. When TOI visited the police station on Thursday, it was adorned with marigold flowers. The Station House Officer (SHO), Chotu Ram Meena, and the Assistant Police Commissioner (ACP), Vijay Singh Yadav, were radiant when the visitors congratulated them.

Residents give Meena, who joined in January this year, credit for changing the police station. “A lot has changed visibly since last year and we know we are in good hands. Since joining, Meena Sir has been with her family in Jaipur only a few times. He lives at the police station and makes sure that no complainant returns without being heard and his problem is resolved, ”said a resident, Ram Karan Dagar.

Another person noted that patrols in the area had increased, which has gradually reduced the crime rate. This is notable because the area includes Jatdominated villages of Mitraon and Dhichaon Kalan, at a distance of 2 km from each other, which have been ravaged by gang warfare for years.

Recalling some memorable cases that took place during her tenure, Meena mentioned a shooting with a criminal who had killed three people within a week in Haryana. The man had killed his own grandfather, a businessman and a bus driver on three different days for different reasons. He finally ran out of luck when there was a shooting during the picket check. In another case of incident, to decipher that they had to undertake an intensive investigation, it was the kidnapping and murder of a woman in Jhajjar, Haryana. The killer was hidden in his area and they located him.

The staff also went beyond duty by eliminating invasions in the area that were causing fatal accidents. DCP (Dwarka) Anto Alphonse said it was a proud moment for him and for all the district staff. The idea is not only to increase competitiveness among police stations, but also to improve surveillance, he said.