Police resorted to 'retaliation' shots: Sajjanar at the Hyderabad meeting

HYDERABAD: Telangana police said on Friday that their personnel resorted to retaliatory fire after two of those accused of rape and murder of a veterinarian opened fire on police after snatching weapons from them this morning.

The Cyberabad police commissioner, CV, said one of the defendants was the first to open fire, even when the police team that took them to the scene of the crime was attacked with stones and sticks.

Police returned the fire after the initial restraint and asked the defendant to surrender, he told reporters here.

The weapons taken were in an unlocked position, he added.

The defendants were not handcuffed when the shooting occurred and the incident occurred between 5.45 and 6.15 in the morning, he said.

In detailing the events that led to the exchange of gunfire, the senior official said the police team took the defendants to the scene based on their 'confession' to retrieve a cell phone and 'other objects'.

... the four defendants gathered, began to attack the police with stones, sticks and other materials. And they also took our two officers' weapons and began firing, he said.

Although our officers maintained moderation and asked them to surrender, without listening to us, they continued shooting and attacking ... our people began to retaliate. And in that retaliation four defendants were killed, he said.

The injured, a police sub-inspector and a police officer, had suffered head injuries, among others, and were receiving treatment, he said.

Police were collecting data from other parts of the state, in addition to Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in similar cases to determine if the four had any role in them, Sajjanar added.