Vahbiz Dorabjee's solo birthday trip photos are giving us vacation goals

Actress Vahbiz Dorabjee , who recently turned one more year on November 28, this time celebrated his birthday with family and friends in Pune. In addition to the sweet and simple celebrations, Vahbiz also took off on a solo birthday trip after the main day. He decided to retire outside the city to get some time for me.

Looking absolutely stunning and very beautiful in his new avatar, he publishes his incredible body transformation, Vahbiz makes a style statement in these fashion outfits. The actress has worked very hard and has received rigorous training in recent months to get this body in shape. Vahbiz totally stands out in this fun holidays Photos

Vahbiz 4

From cute dresses and crop tops in lovely pastel colours to some hot and happening swimsuits, Vahbiz is totally rocking her holiday attire. Her pictures are definitely giving us holidays feels.


Recently, in an exclusive chat with, Vahbiz had revealed that he had lost 15 kg so far and is following

Intermittent fasting: I am following the intermittent diet and I think it worked great for me. Many people are surprised to see my transformation. There is a drastic transformation since I have lost 15 kg so far. I am doing the intermittent diet and it worked for me. Initially, when I started it was not easy since I fasted for 16 hours. During the first few days I faced many difficulties but then I got used to it. Instead of eating 5/6 meals a day, you have two meals a day and 16 hours of fasting. It worked for me.