Kumkum Bhagya Update, December 5: Purab learns that Aaliya tried to kill Disha

In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya , Asks Aaliya Rhea to go away but she refuses. Vikram gets a lawyer and shows the bail papers of Aaliya. Aaliya thanks Vikram for helping her come out of the jail. Aaliya and Rhea promise to make Prachi Pay to present the case.

At the hospital, Disha gains consciousness and is surprised to see Purab. Pragya he tells Disha that Purab still loves her and he was disturbed seeing her. Disha tells Purab that she is not angry with him. Hrithik comes to meet Disha in the hospital and she asks him to go home.

Priyanka reads the newspaper and finds out the news of his death and becomes happy. She says that Abhi will come under pressure to put Rishi in jail. Priyanka thinks if Abhi has got her diary or not and later says that if he had the diary Rishi would have been in jail.

Rishi, Sarita, Prachi and Shahana shift to their old house. Rishi panics as he reads about Priyanka.

Abhi calls Purab and tells him that Aaliya in out from jail. Both Abhi and Purab know that Aaliya purposely tried to kill Disha. Abhi calls Rhea but she says that she does not want to speak to him as he did not help Aaliya. Purab reaches home and tells Daadi that Disha is fine and starts scolding Aaliya.