Manjil Virinja Poovu Update, December 5: Mallika arranges Suja's wedding with Shaji

In the recent episode of Virov Poovu Manjil , Mallika and Arun see each other discussing Manu. Arun thinks that Manu still loves Anjana.

Later, Mallika meets Maya and asks her not to fool Manu anymore. The duo ends in an argument and Mallika warns Maya about the same. She also adds that she realized Maya's intention in

creating problems between Manu and Anjana.

In PK Nilayam, Anjana is seen pulling Suja's leg mentioning her love (Suja) for Shaji. Meanwhile, Shaji enters the house and asks about Anjana's health. Later, Anjana asks for Shaji's opinion when marrying Suja and the latter replies that he is happy with the decision.

Manu notes that Anjana and Shaji talk. He gets furious and orders Shaji to leave the house. Manu also makes some poor quality comments about the duo. Hearing this, Shaji tends to slap Manu but Anjana stops him. But, Shaji and Manu end up getting into a big fight.

Later, Mallika meets Anjana and asks about the meeting with Shaji. Anjana informs him that Shaji agrees to marry Suja. Mallika informs Suja that she has arranged her marriage (Suja's) with Shaji.

Mallika and Anjana end up arguing about Manu. Mallika asks about her love story and Anjana says she fell in love with Manu's affectionate nature.

The episode ends with Sona waiting for Rajeev at home.