Ke Apon Ke By update, December 5: Joba and Param feel helpless

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By Koel starts crying while And you and Rinki Try to calm her down.

Joba breaks down, too. Mitti is happy seeing the family members suffering. She plans her next move. Amiya asks Joba and Param to stay strong and fight back.

And you comes to the living area and gets shocked seeing everyone teary-eyed. Sarthak’s would-be boss manages the situation and tells that the family members are shedding tears of joy. Sarthak will soon join in a senior position. The family members feel grateful to the lady under whom Sarthak will start working.

Later, Joba looks for Sarthak’s previous medical reports. She feels helpless after learning about Sarthak’s medical condition. Param tries to calm her down adding that Dr. Pathak is yet to reach any conclusion and he is suspecting that Sarthak might have the same disease just like Koel. He asks her to concentrate on the case. Param assures her to take care of Sarthak. He explains that she needs full concentration and peace of mind to serve justice to Moyna.

Koel goes to Sarthak’s room and takes care of him. She asks Sarthak to take rest. And you loses her calm and breaks down. Sarthak wants to join soon to the new office. But And you asks him to stay at home. Kuhu also comes and talks to her brother.

Joba starts talking about her past. How Sarthak had faced a lot since his birth. Param and Joba decide to take the opinion of another doctor.

Sarthak promises to listen to And you ’s words and tries to calm her down.

Joba stays awake till late at night to work on Moyna’s case. Param comes and the couple discusses the case.