Exclusive! The leading couple of 'Balumamachya Navana Changbhala', Sumit Pusavale and Komal More encounter an accident

It was an extremely unfortunate day when the leading couple of Marathi colors The devotional show of 'Balumamachya Navane Changbhala' encountered an accident. Yes, you heard right! Sumit Pusavale and Komal More Recently he encountered an accident while they were going to shoot.

A little birdie from the industry has quipped that the leading pair of the show was on their way to shoot Marathi colors 's popular talk show, 'Don Special'. The actors were about to shoot the last episode of the show and they were on their way to the sets. However, on the way, their bike met with an accident and the actors were badly injured. While Sumit has injured his leg, Komal got stitches on her face.

The source further added that they will be missing from 'Balumama...' till they recover completely and the track will be developed accordingly. Their unfortunate accident came as a shocker for both the shows, 'Don Special' and 'Balumama...' However, the damage was taken care of.

All our efforts to reach the producer were futile.

Talking about the show, it is based on the life and time of a saint ‘Balumama’, who was born in Belgaum district. He was born in the ‘Dhangar’ community and lived a life of a shepherd. He used to travel across Maharashtra and Karnataka to solve the problems faced by the common people. Moreover, he has inspired lots of people to give up their bad habits and follow the good ones.