The young actress Sukanya Chatterjee, also known as Tara, turns 6

Sukanya Chatterjee, who plays the character Tara in a supernatural drama ‘ Nishir Daak ’, He was one year older than yesterday (December 5). The busy bee actually celebrated a working birthday. Actors Tumpa Ghosh Soumo Banerjee Chandreyee Ghosh and others celebrated their birthday and had a lot of fun.

After pack-up Sukanya spoke to us and candidly shared how her ‘Tumpa didi’, ‘Shoumo given’ along with the other teammates ‘Nishir Daak’ made the day special.

She said: “I am very happy today. I am 6 years old now. I celebrated my birthday in the shooting sets. We had fun . The little diva took a fraction of a second to add: I received many gifts from Tumpa didi, Shoumo given and others. Do you know what I have? I have received colored pencils, dolls, school bags and teddy bears. I have also cut a cake.

From crew members to actors, Guddi is the only source of energy for everyone. With his laughter and naughty activities, Guddi keeps the shooting court alive. It is not surprising that the team especially decorated the firing floor with colored balloons to celebrate their birthday.