Karthika Deepam Update, December 5: Sourya's movement leaves Karthik surprised

In the last episode of Karthik to Deepa m Savitri asks Deepa why Sourya took Laxman with her. Deepa talks to Savitri and shares her worries about Sourya. She further complains that Sourya is unpredictable of late. Savitri suggests talking to Sourya once.

Soundarya and Anand Rao are shocked to see Sourya in the house. She tells Karthik, Hima, and others that someone has come to visit them. While everyone is afraid that Deepa must have revealed the truth to Sourya, the latter introduces Laxman. He thanks Karthik for curing his ailment. Sourya then talks about Karthik hiding the truth about her father. She gives Karthik the T-shirt that she bought for her father. Karthik had helped Sourya selecting the shirt in the past. Sourya asks Karthik to give it to her father as her gift. Karthik and others are left speechless.

Priyamani mocks Monitha’s age and her wait for Karthik. She slams satires at Monitha for wasting time in marrying Karthik. This irks Monitha. She determines to advance further without further delay.

In conversation with Anand Rao, Soundarya says Sourya might have learned that Karthik is her father. Anand Rao rules out the possibility, adding that Sourya has the courage to question Karthik the moment she learns the truth.

Deepa, on the other hand, enquires Varanasi about the reason behind Sourya’s visit to Karthik. Varanasi denies knowing anything but informs about the bag that Sourya carried. Deepa plans to check with Soundarya regarding this.

At school, Hima tries to know Deepa's response to her request of marrying Karthik.