Case of rape and murder in Hyderabad: Bengali television actors react

According to reports, the four defendants in the case of rape and murder of a 27-year-old veterinarian were murdered today (December 6) in the morning, Telangana police said. The four men were killed early in the morning during an exchange of gunfire with police sources. The news received a mixed reaction from the general public. While some consider it the justice service, some have questioned the verdict of many other cases pending rape and sexual abuse. spoke with Bengali television actors and this is what they have to say ...

Actress Relieve Sarkar He said: “I am happy that the defendants have been punished. We need a stricter law. If it is not morality or ethics, at least a stricter punishment should leave those people accused with extreme fear. They should think twice before touching a girl.

The actress became very emotional while talking. She shared how recent news from Rape and murder case in Hyderabad along with many other similar cases they have discouraged her. She calls it a failure of humanity. “We could have advanced in terms of technology. But we have failed in fact. It is a failure of the human type if a person has to fear another person. We are not afraid of animals. We are afraid of the human being. Sending spacecraft to the moon or other planets cannot be considered a success when we have failed here on Earth.

Alivia shared her personal experience. As an actress, she has to attend night sessions and functions. She shared how worried she feels while driving back home or booking an app-based taxi. The actress of Seema Rekha said: Every time I return home late from filming or an event, I feel anxious. I continue to check my phone to see if someone is still awake so I can seek help in case of an emergency. I share my LIVE location with people who are close to me. Do you think we should live like this? No. The time has come when we should live in peace, in a civilized way.

Actor Jeetu kamal He believes that this step by the Telangana police can be an example. He said: It is an exemplary step. Every perpetrator should think twice before committing such a crime. But we need strict punishment for all defendants. There should be no social or political influx in the way of serving justice. ”

Jeetu shared that he also wants extreme punishment for pending cases in our state. He said: “There are numerous cases here in our state. Some roam freely after getting bail. When are we doing them justice?

Actor Gourab Roy Chowdhury , who is playing the lead role in Trinayani, read the news of that meeting just after waking up. He said: “The perpetrators have been punished, so I am happy. I want strict punishment for all victims who have suffered such a horrible incident. I woke up with the news and left me with several questions. After the horrible incident in Hyderabad, several similar incidents happened. The perpetrators have not shown mercy to the girls!

He also said: This gender-specific crime is not only rampant in India. There is a tragic truth throughout the world. Hopefully the epidemic will heal as soon as possible so we don't have to lose any of our girls.