The Bengali television actress joked in the Salt Lake area; file a police report

The security on the streets of Kolkata is in doubt once again. A television actress who lives in Salty lake Calcutta was teased by some men while she was returning from work.

According to police, the actress, at age 30, was driving a car on Tuesday (December 3) at night and some men who were in another car made obscene comments. Initially, she didn't pay much attention, but the authors allegedly chased her car and began to show obscene gestures. The actress quickly wrote down the car number and tried to film the incident using her mobile phone. Finally, he filed a complaint in the Bidhannagar Police station of the North yesterday (December 5).

This is not the first time that actors face such incidents. A few months ago, a leading actress was disturbed by a taxi driver. He was going to the place of the shooting, just when the driver denied taking her to the destination and took her to another place. The actress gave the alarm and contacted her father, who ran to the place and rescued her. The driver was arrested later. Actor Jeetu kamal He was also abused in the streets by a few men, who were drunk. He also filed a police report.