Trinayani Update, December 5: Sanjukta decides to follow Tapabrata

In the last episode of Trinayani , Sanjukta sheds false tears and shows concern for the health of Tapabrata. She yells at Dripta By left Tapabrata travel such a long distance despite a critical health condition. Dripta tries to justify his action and shares how Nayan had a vision that Tapabrata’s life is in danger. This leaves Sanjukta curious. She thought Nayan must have revealed her plan to kill Tapabrata. Later, she realizes Nayan, who values ​​relationships, once assured that she won’t sour the bond between the mother and son by revealing her real face to Dripta.

Meanwhile, Nayan tells everything to police officer Tarun, who is left shocked by the brutality of Sanjukta. Nayan worries about the well-being of Dripta and his family. She asks about the box that she had given to him. The box contains poison. Tarun says he has sent the box to the lab for tests.

Sanjukta heaves a sigh of relief as she realizes Dripta doesn’t know about her plan. But in the next moment, she feels restless thinking that Tapabrata might reveal the truth to everyone as soon as he comes out of the ventilation support. She decides to go abroad and kill Tapabrata. Vicky tries to make his sister realize that the idea has no base. But Sanjukta doesn’t pay any attention to his words and leaves for the airport.

Vicky decides to keep an eye on Nayan. He goes to the hospital and notices Nayan speaking with Tarun. Nayan speaks about the box she had found. Suddenly, she notices Vicky’s shadow outside the room and alerts Tarun. He (Tarun) rushes outside the room but fails to locate anyone.

Dripta reaches home and tells his grandmother about sending Tapabrata with Durba. To his surprise, his granny gets joyous thinking that Dripta is finally out of the evil glare of Sanjukta. But Jasmine loses her temper and demands Dripta to bring Tapabrata back. Her behavior leaves Dripta suspicious.