A week after the horror of Hyderabad, fear forces at 8 p.m. curfew in the village

HYDERABAD: At 8pm on Wednesday, tea vendors around the toll booth on Outer Ring Road were seen closing their blinds. Usually full of customers until 10 p.m., they had few people to attend the sunset that day.

The makeshift bus stop nearby was sparsely populated and there were no signs that women selling vegetables that would otherwise be haggling with their latest customers even after 8 p.m. Echoing the fear that seized the 200 families of the village of Tondupally, a stone's throw from the road, after the recent attack and murder of the veterinarian, Pranathi Goud, a 27-year-old private tutor, said: Around 10 children At school age, including girls, come to my house for registration.

Although I felt comfortable with them leaving after 8 p.m., I now insist they return before 7 p.m. I also make sure that a parent or an older person comes to pick them up. ” Almost no one stops to have a quick cup of tea/snack at their stand, the one closest to the toll gate, the owner of the post, Jagadheesh, closes the shop at 8 p.m.

“If I need to go out for something, like buying vegetables, now I take my two children with me. I am petrified of going out alone, ”said Ch Rajani, a village housewife. “Before, sometimes I spent time with friends after office hours and arrived home at 8 p.m. Now I have started reducing it to be home no later than 7:30 p.m. ”Said M. Anusha, a government employee.

“Now the cops are stationed in the 24x7 area. No heavy vehicles are allowed to park along the road. But how long will this last? Once the incident fades, everything will return to the starting point, said A Suresh, a local businessman who made a quick comment: Jab tak media hai, tab tak police hai, (the cops will stay here, provided the media continues coming)!