They raped me and made a video recording: victim of Unnao

LUCKNOW: The woman who was allegedly attacked and burned on Thursday morning had claimed in her complaint to the police a year ago that the two defendants made a video while raping her and threatened to make her viral on social media.

These details are part of the Unnao police investigation into the alleged group rape on December 12, 2018. He also alleged that the main defendant, Shivam Trivedi, raped her several times. According to the survivor's complaint in 2018, Shivam Trivedi and Shubham Trivedi raped her in a group at gunpoint. The two men took her to a temple in Nagar in Unnao with the promise that Shivam would marry her, he said in his statement.

But it was raped. The girl told police that after the crime, she took refuge at her aunt's place in Rae Bareli. But the two got to know the place and threatened to upload the rape video if she didn't give up on them. When she went to meet Shivam, he supposedly locked her up and watched her movements. He would take me to different cities and rape me on the pretext that he would one day marry me, the girl said. He also claimed that the defendant prepared an affidavit for marriage in a civil court, but he brought Rae Bareli's girl and left her at his Unnao residence. Again and again, he would continue to threaten to make the videos public and eliminate the members of my family, his statement said.