Being Bengali, I feel blessed to play Mahakali: Ishita Ganguly

Actress Ishita Ganguly , who plays the role of Kali Maa in the program 'Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi ', I was quite excited when I visited Lucknow and Kanpur for the promotion of the series. This is my third visit to the city and I find Kanpur quite similar to Kolkata. Being Bengali, I've always been in love with good food. While I was in Mumbai, I knew that Kanpur's litti chokha is very popular. Jaise Hi Maine Litti Chokha Khaya Mazaa Aa Gaya. Chokha was super spicy and littu stuffed sattu were really amazing. Main kuchh litti chokha ki images click karna chahti thi pair woh mujhe itni tempting lagi ki main images click karna bhool hi gayi aur sab khaa gayi.  Ishita Ganguly  (BCCL/ Aditya Yadav) Ishita Ganguly (BCCL/Aditya Yadav)

Taking time out of his busy schedule, Ishita also went to Phool Bagh in Kanpur. Kanpur's architecture is quite similar to that of Kolkata. I really liked the clean and green park of Phool Bagh, which was right in front of Gandhi Bhawan. The architecture of Gandhi Bhawan was also very impressive. The last time I saw the building of Lal Imli mill. The British-style construction of this building reminded me of a building that was built during the British era in Kolkata, she says.

When he told us about his visit to Lucknow, he said: I have been to Lucknow before and then I went to Hazratganj. Being Bengali, I love non-vegetarian food, so I had the Tunday kebabs in Lucknow.

Playing Goddess Kali on the show, Ishita says it is a difficult task to play this character. Interpreting the goddess Kali is really challenging. However, being Bengali, I feel blessed to play Mahakali. It takes me more than two hours every day to prepare for the character, since the uprising is like that. Also, before each shot, Of all the other characters, I need a minimum of 15 minutes to retouch the black color that is applied throughout my body. Fortunately, manufacturers have used organic colors, so my skin is not damaged in any way, he says.