TMC will oppose the implementation of CAB in a 5-day program

NEW DELHI: The Trinamool Congress led by the main minister, Mamata Banerjee, has opposed the implementation of the National Citizens Registry (NRC) and the Citizens Amendment Bill (CAB) by the Center in all states from the moment they started and has been reacting sharply to since the NRC exercise did not include about 19 lakh people as citizens, including a majority of Hindus who were housed in detention camps in the state.

Therefore, the line of the match in CAB is clear in regards to TMC, even when the floor strategy for the match will be finalized jointly with other opposition parties when they meet in Parliament on Monday morning.

On Thursday, Banerjee said: “The economy has gone down. Unemployment and poverty have reached very high levels. Dragging only in religious matters will not give results, on the government's proposal to amend the Citizenship Act of 1955.

The leaders of TMC will bring the issue to the people during the next five days, where the main points of discussion will be about how the pilot project, which is the Assam NRC, is a failed exercise, and yet the government plans to implement it throughout the country. The next point is how NRC and CAB cannot be unlinked or it is a scripted phenomenon, where citizens will have to provide documents to prove that they are legitimate Indians, creating total confusion as it did in Assam, in both cases.

The bill is anti-tribal, anti-Gorkhas since the exceptions in the draft for them set multiple standards for citizens, which goes against the Constitution, said TMC leader Rajya Sabha Derek O'Brien, who He will also be the speaker of the party in the CAB debate in the Upper House. In Lok Sabha, the deputy of the party and Banerjee's nephew, Abhishek Banerjee, will speak on the subject.

In raising the issue of demonetization, to show the failed policy of the Narendra Modi government because the economic slowdown has been established, TMC will highlight how the failed NRC policy in Assam will now be tested in the rest from the country.

Finally, the party will insist on the fact that the CAB is against B R Ambedkar and all the other leaders who created the Constitution of India, as it goes completely against it.