Parth Samthaan: Erica Fernandes is a bit sensitive and easily offended when I joke

His personal life is as much in the news as his work. What really arouses everyone's interest is when he posts images with Erica Fernandes , your co-actor in ' Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 ', giving rise to speculation that they are a couple. Nevertheless, Parth Samthaan He has a rather indifferent attitude towards these rumors. So, while everyone is busy talking about their alleged intermittent relationship, the actor claims that there is nothing but friendship between them. He says: “I am not dating Erica and I never had a relationship with her. We are great friends and we have a lot of fun on the set. We share good chemistry on screen too. During my previous program, I retired to my makeup room immediately after filming my scenes, but that is not the case here. Erica and I had a lot of fun together on the set, we went out and celebrated together. ”

And he adds: “She is a little sensitive and easily offended when I joke. I often apologize to her for restoring peace (laughs!). She is quieter and more reserved, while I always try to help people.

A few months ago, there were rumors that he and Erica had separated, and that he had moved on with the actress. Ariah Agarwal . Ask Parth about it and he will answer: That is the funniest story. Actually, she told me about the reports and we laughed a lot about it. Later, I showed it to Erica, who also laughed at it. People make stories and draw conclusions if you go out with friends or click with them. My co-actors often pull my leg when asking me to post a photo with a girl so that it becomes news the next day. However, I will not justify myself because I don't have time to do it.

While the actor insists that he is single, he calls love a beautiful feeling. He shares: “Love is a beautiful feeling and everyone should fall in love at least once. You need to be lucky in love, because many times, people outdo each other. Therefore, I hope to find that right person, whom I will never overcome. ”

Talking about play Anurag Basu , Parth says he felt no pressure when rehearsing a character, who had become extremely popular in the original version. He says: “I simply focused on him as my own character and gave him my 100 percent. The idea was to play the role with full conviction. I have had the same approach for each character that I have played so far.

The actor is happy with the recognition he is getting these days. He says: “Before, youth connected with me because of the shows with which I was associated. Given the fact that this is my first family show, moms and fathers now approach me and tell me: Anurag beta, aap bahaut accha kar rahe ho. Therefore, it is a completely different feeling.

Although he is working on a tight schedule, Parth makes sure to take time off. He recently made a five-day solo trip to Nepal, where he tried skydiving. He says: Being a soap opera actor, we don't have time to devote to any hobby. So I decided to enjoy a solo trip and try skydiving, since I had been on my wish list for some time.