As onions touch 165 rupees per kilo, central banks import

NEW DELHI: The government expects to get at least 35,000 tons of onion imported from next week to increase availability as mandis across the country expect to get enough supplies of national onion.

While available data from the consumer affairs department showed that onion prices touched Rs 165 per kg in Panaji on Thursday, which was the highest, there are reports that in some parts of the country prices have exceeded Rs 180 per kg

In the midst of the growing crisis due to the shortage of onions due to the almost 26% decrease in production during this season, a group of ministers under the interior minister of the Union, Amit Shah, reviewed the situation. The sources said that although imports aligned by the government and private parties will not be sufficient to meet the requirement, they expect the situation to improve once availability increases to some extent.

The Union's consumer affairs minister, Ram Vilas Paswan, tweeted that the Center is importing 6,090 tons from Egypt and another 11,000 tons from Turkey. These will land in India between December 15 and January 15. “Another 4,000 tons will arrive from Turkey in mid-January. In addition, three tenders have been submitted more than 5,000 tons each, ”he tweeted.

Paswan said the government is importing onions through the state trading agency MMTC and that private players are also encouraged. He said that due to the continuous rain in several parts of the country, particularly in the main onion producing states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, the harvest has been severely damaged.

The secretary of consumer affairs, A K Srivastava, said MMTC has hired the import of more than 21,000 tons of onion and shipments are expected to arrive in mid-January. He also said bidding and fumigation rules have been softened to facilitate the early arrival of imported onions.