Sanchari Vijay's next film focuses on global warming

Known for choosing some of the most challenging and unconventional roles in the Kannada film industry, actor awarded the National Prize Sanchari Vijay It does not disappoint, when it comes to choosing your next exit on the big screen. In Taledanda It is said that he interprets the character of a person with different abilities, who belongs to a tribal community. The movie focuses on global warming .“It’s a return-to-basics sort of a story, that highlights a burning issue that is a concern for everyone in the world today — global warming . I play a guy, who is part of the Haadi tribe, in Chamarajanagar District from Karnataka I spent more than a month with the tribes there, since more than the way they live, it is the dialect in which they speak which proved to be the most difficult to learn. The fact that there has been a certain amount of migration between this tribal community is seen because its dialect is a little more polished and understandable than one would expect, explains Vijay.

While Vijay has been away from the screens for a while, he tells us: “I am someone who is aware of our surroundings and the way we treat them. And that is why I am delighted to work on such a beautiful subject that has been close to my heart. These are people who believe that their god is nature. The director, Praveen Krupakar, of Mysuru, has worked on this script for three years, and has created a healthy story that will surely touch people's hearts and, if possible, will make a difference in the way we think.