Rishab Shetty presents seven films in one, this week

As a filmmaker Rishab Shetty You are very satisfied with your next offer by Kannada audiences Katha Sangama - An anthology of seven stories in varied genres that he believes will appeal to everyone. Directed by seven directors and starring a star cast, including Kishore, Hariprriya , Yagna Shetty, Pramod Shetty and Raj B Shetty, among others, the film, is being presented under his banner, Rishab Shetty Films.

“There are some short stories that have the capacity to be made into a feature-length film and others that don’t. The trouble is that filmmakers often stretch the later into full-length features, which is when audiences tend to feel that there is no story. When we decided to make Katha Sangama, we knew we had seven stories that had to be told as is - in a short format. Each has a different approach in its making, which will give audiences the feeling of watching seven different films, ”says Rishab, adding,“ In a day and age like now, where there are multiple films releasing week-on-week, it is important that audiences are given their money's worth when they come to the theater. With Katha Sangama, we are hopeful of doing just that. ”