Johnson Market is my favorite place in Bangalore: Ahaana Krishna

I remember vividly the first time I came to Bangalore. It was in 2006 and it was very special. I had even made an entry in my diary. It was also my younger sister, Hansika, who was a baby at that time, the first flight. It was the city of dreams for all of us back then, ”says Malayalam actress Ahaana Krishna, who was in the city last week. friends, and was accompanied by his mother, Sindhu. My mother's younger sister, Simi, her husband Deen, their two children and another friend Rhea live here and every time I am in Bangalore, I have a great time, she adds.

And this time too, it was no different. “I also realized the power of first-hand cinema. I had shared photos of my visit on social networks and wherever I went, people recognized me. I went to Commercial Street, which is a must every time I visit, and Kannadigas approached me and told me how much they enjoyed my recent movie. I went to another mall in Koramangala later and there, too, people approached me and said: We saw your photos on social networks and we hoped to trip over you. I was really overwhelmed, because as an actor from another state, these are examples that make you really believe in the power of cinema and how it reaches everyone, regardless of region and language, ”says Ahaana.

Meanwhile, the actor reveals that his favorite place of all time is Johnson Market. My friend Rhea introduced me to the culinary wonders of Johnson Market and I have to enjoy those rolls and kebabs every time I am in the city. And, of course, the lime soda they make in those cars on the shopping street. Except the traffic, I love everything about Bengaluru, ”Ahaana completes.