The communication competition reflects on the issuance of 'soft notices' to e-commerce platforms

New Delhi, December 5 () The fair trade regulator, CCI, is considering issuing a soft warning to e-commerce platforms regarding the self-regulation of various aspects of their business activities, including transparency on classification mechanisms and qualification.

In May, the Indian Competition Commission (ITC) began a study on the e-commerce market and the results will be announced this month.

The president of CCI, Ashok Kumar Gupta, has said that, as a preventive or preventive measure, the regulator could issue a soft warning to e-commerce platforms to self-regulate certain aspects of their practices to build trust and a predictable relationship with users. trade so that the full potential of electronic commerce can be exploited.

Aspects could include transparency about classification, data and review and rating mechanisms, Gupta said in a speech on December 4.

These are complex problems and measuring the net impact on competition may not be as simple and straightforward, he said.

According to Gupta, the study would allow the regulator to further incorporate the feedback into our final notice so that the practices of e-commerce platforms promote competition and consumer welfare. A copy of the speech entitled 'Electronic commerce and challenges for the application of antitrust law' has been published on the regulator's website. RAM RVK