Exclusive - I would like to apologize to Neha Kakkar, I had no idea I would be so hurt: Gaurav Gera in the video embarrassing her

The creators of - Dr. Pran Lele where recently hit by the popular singer Neha Kakkar for making fun of his height and talent in the program. Neha's brother, Tony, also turned to his social media accounts to share his disappointment towards them for his jokes under the belt. Gaurav Gera , who is one of the actors in the video, came out and shared his apologies with Neha and declared that they never wanted to hurt her. In an exclusive conversation with TimesofIndia.com, Gaurav praises the singer of 'Dilbar Dilbar' and says she is a rock star.

I wouldn't want to hurt her because I'm a fan of her. I love the way he sings and his songs are definitely ki jaan parties (his songs add fun to the party). Even if I don't know her personally, we share greetings every time we meet. His talent is fully appreciated, I am no one to prove it to him. She has 30 million followers on Instagram who are there to show her how much they love her, Pammi Pyarelal said. actor.

In the program, Dr. Pren Lele, Kiku and Gaurav were seen in their characters in their program and are directed to a low-profile girl like 'Neha Kankar' and 'Chotu'. The girl tells them that she is 'Neha Shakkar'. Neha is constantly shown by clicking on selfies and speaking in hashtags. Kiku tells him that he earns money singing 'kuch bhi'. He not only mocked his face, but also his music. Neha shared a series of messages in her Instagram stories that tell her fans how much she likes comedy, but the gag and the comments she transmitted really hurt her. Even his brother Tony Kakkar He criticized the channel and the creators for making such comments about the singer, who is from a small town and has made it big on her own.

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This is how you respect a small town girl who accomplished everything on her own with so much struggle in life. Being a short girl My sister has already suffered a lot. Do you understand what a person goes through when you make fun of the size or shape of his body? Will you ever stop making fun of what God has done to us? Not only that you're talking crap about your talent too. Are you not damaging your career by saying all those bad things about your talent? Those who do not understand much of music would easily believe you because you are a great national television channel. The fact is that nobody becomes number 1 just by chance and that also of a country that has a population of 1.3 billion 😐 #nehakakkar

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Gaurav, who is popular as Chutki, says his co-star Kiku Sharda and he is a fan of Neha and they are proud of her, and she has not directly blamed us. He has also shared his disappointment towards the channel. The channel has deleted the video. Kiku and I were talking and we are a fan of her. Who does not love her. We are proud of her. She has the name and fame of India. My idea was not to hurt her. It's fantastic, a rock star and you don't need me to say it. . I didn't even know about the height part, and I don't have an average height myself. Kiku is short. We laugh a lot at each other in every episode. Meri koi aukat nahi hai to tell her something ... (I am nobody to comment on her). I really had no idea I would be so hurt, Gaurav shared.

He also added that his idea was not to hurt Neha and as actors they left with the channel and his sensitivity while Neha works with them on a reality show Indian Idol 11, The idea was definitely not to hurt her. She shouldn't have done it. Any haters, we haven't done this because we hate her. I am just an actor and that is just a show. The writers, the channel, the producer gave us some lines to represent. They are more sensitive than us and have their own work equation with Neha because she does a show (Indian Idol 11) for them. I don't have that equation with them. I did a show after 13 years with the channel Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin , so I leave it to them. I am hired to act and mouth the line which are given to me, definitely we tried (Kiku Sharda and I) a lot to town down few things. We cut a lot of things because we felt it was not in good taste. We did tried our best. We shot a lot throughout the day, he said.

When asked now, he will be more careful in the future before addressing those jokes, Gaurav said: I have always tried to get away from the controversy. I have done my best to stay away from television shows. Even during filming we continue to say where we feel it is going overboard. We did our best, but everything they felt should go and rest, they edited it. You have seen what I do when it comes to comedy. I thought that they (Channel and Production house) work in so many comedy shows on the small screen that they should be aware of the sensitivity. They know what happens and they also had an equation with Neha, so they should have known where to stop. But I would like to apologize to her and I love her. She is fantastic .