Behavior or face consequences: Amarinder warns Pakistan against the promotion of problems in Punjab

MOHALI: Warning Pakistan against promoting any problem in, prime minister Amarinder Singh On Thursday, he said his government destroyed 28 terrorist modules and arrested more than 100 ISI-backed terrorists in the past two years.

Twenty-eight terror modules were arrested and more than 100 ISI-backed terrorists arrested by Punjab police in the past two years, the chief minister said during an interactive session on the first day of the 2019 Punjab Progressive Investors Summit here.

Warned Pakistan against any attempt to destabilise Punjab, Singh said, "behave, or else be prepared for the consequences."

" Pakistan has its own problems, but I won't let them make their problems my problem," he said.

We will not let them play with us, he said, adding that he has issued clear orders to the police to handle any internal or external threat with an iron hand.

Amarinder said he believed Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted peace but the Pakistan army, in its desperation to remain relevant, calls the shots and obstructs efforts for peace.

But they have to understand that they and their country are doomed if they don't change their ways. Pak's army will have to 'play ball' if they have to feed their people and save their country, Singh said.

The prime minister also said that his government was committed to providing a safe and stable environment for the industry for growth.