The BJP member offers to provide a truck full of onions at 25 rupees per kilo

NEW DELHI: A BJP member on Thursday offered to provide opposition members with a truck full of onions at 25 rupees per kilogram of their constituency in Uttar Pradesh while talking about the increase in bulb prices in Lok Sabha .

Virendra Singh 'Mast', a parliamentarian from Balia and also president of BJP Kisan porcha, said that onions are also produced in Uttar Pradesh in large quantities in addition.

Onions of superior quality are produced in the city of Muhammadabad in its constituency, Singh said and told opposition members that he was ready to provide them with a truck loaded with onions at 25 rupees per kg.

Singh told opposition members to accompany him to his constituency and will provide them with onions at lower prices.

The deputy of the BJP made these comments during a debate on agriculture and responded to Congress leader K Suresh, who raised the issue of rising prices and decreasing production in the country.

Speaking of rural economy, Singh said that GDP cannot be a parameter to analyze the growth of the rural economy and urged the government to focus its policies on villages.

It also demanded a pension plan for farmers over 60.