Kasautii Zindagii Kay Update, December 5: Anurag asks Veena about Prerna's husband

The last episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay starts with Anurag inviting the family of Prerna to the party that is organized in its place for the success of your company. Question about Prerna and Shivani and then thinks of asking Veena about Prerna's husband and asks if he was a bad person or why isn't he with Prerna at the time of her pregnancy.

Veena then goes and gets a photo frame of Anurag and Prerna together and plans to reveal the truth to him. Shivani stops her from doing so because it would be dangerous for Anurag 's mental health.

Komolika then calls Anurag and gets very angry when he says that he is at Prerna 's place to invite them for the party. Prerna comes downstairs and calms her mother down.

Nivedita informs Anurag that their business partner will also call the media for the party to announce their partnership. Komolika then calls Prerna and says that the party is in the evening so she can come to work during the time.

Prerna reaches the Basu house for the bash. Komolika sees her and tells that she's feeling sad about the shock she received. Prerna then reveals that she knew about her plan but still played along because she wanted to teach her a lesson.

Komolika takes advantage of Anurag 's mental health and tells Prerna that she can't harm her because she is Anurag' s wife. On the other hand, Anurag asks his mother Mohini why he's upset with his daddy, Moloy. Mohini says that after long years of marriage, disagreements are meant to be there.

Prerna 's mother comes to the party with Shivani but Mohini insults her for being middle-class. Veena gives it back to Mohini by saying that she might be middle class but has a good heart unlike her who has no respect and feelings towards others.