Update from Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka, December 5: Salma reveals that Roshni is her adopted daughter

In the last episode of Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Chotu tells Sara he's upset with A man chachu as he keeps scolding Roshni . A man overhears Chotu and Sara's conversation. Parveen tells everyone to be happy as Roshni was ruining their son's life. She tells A man that Roshni is a tawaif's daughter and is selfish. A man remembers how Roshni has saved him and his family's life with her presence. Parveen tells her family that her son has to move on in life.

Roshni gets to know that her mother Salma lied to her and faked her illness. Salma apologises to Roshni as she says that she wanted money and she got her married to A man . Salman goes to A man 's house and asks Parven why they threw Roshni out of the house. She gets angry with A man and says her daughter Roshni deserves a nice guy. She accuses A man of harassing her daughter. Salma tells A man that Roshni has started falling in love with him. She cries her heart out and says that Roshni was not aware that Sameer was already married and has a kid. A man realises his mistake and feels guilty. Salma even says that Roshni is not her real daughter but she has adopted her.

Parveen asks Salman why Roshni took 5 crore rupees. Saima tells A man that she informed Roshni of Sameer’s blackmail. She even says that Roshni helped and sacrificed her happiness. Saima tells A man that Roshni used the blank cheque and took the 5 crore rupees to help her. Tabeezi gets to know that A man is in deep danger and goes to help him. But suddenly, Rak Jinn stops her and asks to give the tabiz to her. Tabeezi denies giving the locket to her and Rak Jinn snatches it. Farah gets shocked seeing Tabeezi unconscious.