Class XII girl steals the show at the Rahul event in Wayanad

(KERALA): former head of Congress Rahul Gandhi , which represents Wayanad in the Lok Sabha, always attracts attention, but here on Thursday a student of class XII stole the show.

He had arrived at the state-run upper secondary school in Karuvarakundu, near here, to inaugurate a science laboratory built using the MLA fund of Congress legislator A P Anilkumar.

As soon as Rahul Gandhi started speaking, I've asked if anyone could translate his speech into. To this, Safa Febin raised her hand amid huge applaud by her schoolmates.

Gandhi also encouraged her by waving her hands. She translated all her speech in the form of a copybook to another round of applause. Gandhi also congratulated her on the translation.

Normally, the main leaders of the Congress translate their speech into local languages.

Gandhi said he was there to inaugurate the construction of the lab for Rs 5 million and asked the audience to put pressure on the legislator to obtain more funds.

Later speaking to the media, Febin said when Rahul Gandhi spoke about translation, she wanted to go, but kept mum. She took the challenge only when her friends spurred her.

I had not done any such translation before. When I walked to the stand, for a moment, I felt I was dreaming. But I soon regained my confidence and could do well, Febin said.

If he (Gandhi) wishes, I am ready to translate all his speeches, provided he is here, he said.

Gandhi arrived in Kozhikode on Thursday morning. He will travel through his constituency, distributed in three districts of Kerala, Kozhikode, Wayanad and Malappuram, during the next three days.

Gandhi has a tight schedule. He will participate in political meetings, inaugurations of small projects, temple festivals, commemorative meeting of former Congressman M I Shanawaz, before returning from Kannur airport on Saturday.

He is accompanied by the Secretary General of the AICC (organization) K C Venugopal and several legislators of the UDF led by the Congress.