Future strategy on the political situation that will be taken after the release of party leaders: NC

JAMMU: On Thursday he said that the party's work committee would take a call on the future strategy on the general political situation after the repeal of the provisions after the release of the detention leaders.

He added that no party official is accredited to insist on these issues before that.

The provincial president, Devender Singh Rana, said: The party's work committee would take a call regarding the future strategy after the release of political leaders.

On the 114th anniversary of the birth of the founder of the party, Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, the CN adopted a unanimous resolution urging the Center to win the hearts and minds of people by approaching them and understanding their aspirations.

The resolution demanded the release of all political leaders, including three former chief ministers.

Rana expressed concern about the continued detention of North Carolina leaders for four months and said that the application of the Public Security Act against it is very unfortunate, painful and highly deplorable.

The National Conference will emerge as a phoenix due to its deep connection with people, he said.

He demanded the status of Minister of State for the presidents of BDC, as it will allow them to effectively monitor and ensure the implementation of various schemes and programs.

Rana also demanded the restoration of Internet services in Jammu and Kashmir, saying that the lack of installation has negatively affected merchants, students, professionals and all other segments of society.