Bob Willis was a terror to face: Kapil Dev

NEW DELHI: India Cricket Excellent Kapil Dev on Thursday he said the England fast bowling legend Bob Willis It was a 'terror to face'. Kapil also said that Willis, who has died aged 70, was the only one to ever hit him with the ball.

It was a very sharp ball, faster than I had imagined, and it hit me in the ear. It was the only time they beat me, Kapil told the Hindu newspaper.

Willis was a terrific fast bowler, with a run-up that was unique. Not a fluent run-up but once the ball left his hand it was terror for the batsman. I never heard Willis swear at a batsman, never saw him argue with the umpire. I did not believe in talking. I wanted his ball to speak for him. A true legend he was, I added.

Former Cricket er Sandeep Patil felt he was never comfortable facing Willis as he was a fear in the minds of batsmen of that time.

Never comfortable facing (Willis). He would put fear in the mind of the batsman with his searing pace. You had to watch him very closely as he neared the stumps and be ready for the thunderbolts that he would unleash. Thunderbolts they were.

How many would do that? I should have bothered with what I had accomplished, but here I was patting myself. He earned my respect that day, Patil added.

He made a sign that everything was in quadrature. I had hit six legs and hit me in my helmet. He didn't say a word. I never heard him abuse either, in the field. He was a fast and adorable bowler, Patil concluded.