More than 180 contracts worth Rs 1.96 crore signed with the Indian defense industry since 2014: Government

NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Defence On Thursday he said that more than 180 contracts worth Rs 1.96 lakh crore, ranging from advanced light helicopters to Dornier and 155 mm self-propelled Vajra maritime aircraft, have been signed with PSU defense and Indian industry since 2014.

These include seven more squads of Akash air defense missiles for Rs 6.3 billion rupees and the integrated nodes of the advanced command and control system (IACCS) for Rs 7.9 billion rupees of Bharat Electronics Ltd, said the MoD .

The Artillery Factory Board was also responsible for supplying 464 T-90S/SK tanks worth Rs 19,100 crore (under a Russian manufacturing license), for which a bleed was placed in November, he added.

The MoD statement comes after TOI on December 2 reported that none of the major “Make in India” projects in the defense arena - new-generation stealth submarines, minesweepers, infantry combat vehicles, transport aircraft, fighter jets and two types of light utility helicopters for the armed forces - have actually taken off in the last six years.

These seven long-standing projects, which are collectively worth more than Rs 3.5 lakh crore, are stuck or still winding through different stages, without the final contracts to launch production being inked so far. The project of more than Rs 50,000 million to manufacture six diesel-electric submarines, for example, gained acceptance of the need in November 2007.

While not disputing these facts or delays, the MoD said three of the seven projects (six submarines, 114 fighter jets for IAF and 111 twin-engine naval utility helicopters) were now being “expeditiously progressed” under the “strategic partnership (SP)” model that was promulgated in May 2017.

“The EOIs (expression of interest) have been received (from the proposed manufacturers) in the submarine and naval helicopter projects. The service qualitative requirements are being finalized in the fighter jet project, ”said the MoD.