Here's why 2019 was a special year for Ayushmann Khurrana

When Ayyushmann Khurrana started in Bollywood I really didn't have a plan about the type of movies you would like to make. Today, however, the actor has not only carved a niche for himself, but there’s also much talk about the “Ayushmann Khurrana genre’ of films. The actor, himself, admitted that he never expected that to happen. During an interview, Ranveer Singh, who too has had a successful run at the box office, called him the “new definition of the mainstream film hero.”

In a recent interview, Ayushmann said he never thought people would call him a genre that originated from his name, but is very flattering. The ' Bullet ' actor is glad that people are saying so and looks at it as a validation of the cinema that he is doing. Ayushmann said it felt good,especially because this year has been really special for him. It started with 'Article 15', and was followed by 'Dream Girl' and ' Bullet '. The films, which belonged to different genres, proved to be successful at the box office and have received critical appreciation, too. The Bollywood actor has done a variety of from his debut film ' Donor Vicky ' to ' Bullet '. This year he also won a National Award for his performance in ' AndhaDhun '. No wonder it was a special year for him.