Rahul Gandhi points to Nirmala Sitharaman for rising onion prices

WAYANAD (Kerala): Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday he mocked finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman on the subject of onion prices, saying that nobody asked him what he eats, but people wanted to know why economy was fighting

On Wednesday, when a parliamentarian asked him if he ate onions, whose prices had skyrocketed in the country, Sitharaman had told Parliament: I belong to a family that does not eat onion and garlic.

Speaking at a leadership meet of the Congress here, Rahul Gandhi said: "Nobody is asking you whether you eat onions. You are the FM and we are asking why the economy is struggling." "Even if you ask the poorest person you will get a sensible response," he added.

The deputy of the Wayanad Congress alleged prime minister Narendra Modi had destroyed India's greatest strength, its economy .

"We believe in the voice of our people but Narendra Modi believes in his own. He did not ask any shopkeeper about demonetisation, he did not ask farmers or anyone about it. He destroyed India's greatest strength, its economy . He did the same with GST. Now you look at how the ridiculous the situation is?" Rahul asked.

The leader of Congress also said that his party will not disrespect Indians by imposing terms on them.

We do not believe in hitting and killing our own people. That is what we are fighting at the national level, said Deputy Wayanad.

Rahul said he was putting pressure on the state and the Center for compensation and rehabilitation of flood victims in the state.

Speaking at a meeting at Nilambur, Rahul Gandhi referred to the death of a student following snake bite in Wayanad and said Kerala had a reputation of having the best education in the country and the incident only showed facilities need to be improved.