The subsidy to the canteen of Parliament will be out of the next session

NEW DELHI: As of the next session, parliamentarians may have to pay more for the food they receive after they unanimously gave their approval in principle to a proposal on Thursday to withdraw the subsidy they get from groceries.

The legislators of all the parties made the decision at a meeting of the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) in which the President of Lok Sabha, Om Birla, presented the proposal suggesting that they abandon the subsidy that all parliamentarians use in the parliament cafeteria, The sources said.

It is known that the subsidy in the canteen of Parliament could be withdrawn from the next session and all parliamentarians will have to pay money for food according to their cost of preparation without profit or loss.

The new rate will apply to parliamentarians, officials from Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, media, security personnel and visitors.

The sources said that Rs 17 crore could be saved annually and that food in Parliament's canteen will be sold at real cost.

According to subsidized rates, a dish of vegetarian 'thali' costs Rs 30, while non-vegetarian 'thali' costs Rs 60 in Parliament's canteen.

Other items served with subsidized cost are bread and butter Rs 6, chapati Rs 2, curried chicken Rs 50, chicken chops (per plate) Rs 41, tandoori chicken Rs 60, coffee Rs 5, natural dosa Rs 12, fish Curry Rs 40, Chicken Biryani Hyderabadi Rs 65, Lamb Curry Rs 45, rice (boiled) Rs 7 and soup Rs 14.

Food in Parliament's canteen became more expensive as of January 2016 after a shout in 2015 when it came to light that the canteen was being subsidized at 80% of its cost.

The rate review was ordered by the then spokesman of Lok Sabha Sumitra Mahajan .