Shame for the democratic history of our country: Jagdeep Dhankar after finding the governor's door in the closed assembly

KOLKATA: Jagdeep Dhankhar, who had to wait outside on Thursday while the door designated for the governor was closed, said the humiliation imposed on the governor's post has shamed the country's democratic history.

Later, Dhankhar entered the assembly facilities through Gate No. 4, intended for media people and officials.

Why is Gate No. 3 closed? Despite my previous hint, the door is closed. The meeting that is closed does not mean that it is closed.

The governor's door lock has shamed our democratic history. This is not an insult to me, but an insult to the people of the state and the Constitution, Dhankhar told reporters.

In accordance with the rules of the assembly, Gate No. 3 is designated for the entry and exit of the governor.

Dhankhar had written Wednesday to the assembly speaker Biman Banerjee expressing his desire to inspect his facilities and also visit the library.

After informing about my visit, the special secretary of, received a message inviting me and my wife to lunch for the speaker. I accepted it.

But within an hour and a half after receiving the message, my special secretary received another message from the secretary of the assembly, indicating that the invitation was canceled. They also told him that the secretary and the special secretary of the assembly will not be present during my visit, the governor said after leaving the assembly.

I wonder what happened during an hour and a half when everything changed. I will write to the speaker that what happened today has belittled his chair, he said.

Hitting the state government for trying to undermine democratic norms and constitutional positions, the governor said he will not be intimidated by such antics of the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC).

I will continue working to maintain constitutional and democratic norms. The role of the governor and the government is clearly defined in the Constitution. I cannot be intimidated by such antics, he said.

In an unprecedented development on Tuesday, he had postponed the House for two days, saying that the bills, scheduled to be placed in the assembly, had not yet obtained the governor's approval.

However, the claim was refuted by Raj Bhavan, who in a statement described the situation as objectively unsustainable.