The RBI team will visit HDFC Bank to identify the source of online banking problems

MUMBAI: a team from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is visiting HDFC Bank to identify the reasons behind the interruption in online banking that bothered thousands of bank customers for two days.

“We are aware of the problem. It happened on December 2 and was due to technical problems. Net banking was restored on Tuesday, ”said MK Jain's deputy governor, RBI, during the press conference on monetary policy. The bank informed the RBI that the problems were due to a technical failure.

He said the central bank was tracking reports on customer complaints. “Yesterday (Wednesday) there were some media reports that once again clients cannot access digital banking from that particular bank. Again, we review it and it has been fully tested. But our team has really gone to identify the reasons, ”said Jain.

HDFC Bank on Wednesday said that its normalcy has been restored to its net banking services and a 'glitch' that affected online banking for nearly three days has been resolved. Responding to customers, the bank said that the 'technical glitch' has been rectified. “Our net banking and mobile banking platforms have now stabilized,” the bank said.

Some analysts speculated that the downtime was due to new security measures for which transactions were not taking place.