BJP accuses P Chidambaram of violating bail

NEW DELHI: The BJP on Thursday accused Congress leader P Chidambaram of violating the conditions of bail by claiming to have a very clear record as a minister, and said that the case against him was essentially about corruption in the who was supposedly involved as finance minister.

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar He told reporters that Chidambaram's claim, who was released on bail on Wednesday, amounted to self-certification.

The Supreme Court had asked the leader of Congress not to talk about the case against him while ordering his bail.

P Chidambaram has violated the condition of bail on the first day after his release ... What he said violates this condition, said the BJP leader.

A Supreme Court bank, while granting bail to Chidambaram, asked him not to make any public comments regarding the case.

At a press conference at the headquarters of Congress, the former finance minister had previously said: In the last 106 days, I had a strong spirit and I have strengthened myself because ... my record as a minister and my conscience are absolutely clear.

After making fun of the opposition leader for his attack on the Modi government on a number of issues, Javadekar said he had to talk to the media after so many days and that was why he was drawing his anger on all issues.

Hitting back over his criticism of the government that it had denied basic freedom to people in Kashmir since was nullified in August, the Union Minister said all media outlets have been functioning in the Valley.

Kashmir is now on its way to progress, said Javadekar.

At the beginning of his press conference, Chidambaram had said that his first thoughts about his release were with the people of Kashmir who have been denied their basic freedoms since August 4, 2019.

Invoking the emergency imposed by the government of Congress in 1975, Javadekar said the Indira Gandhi The government had taken drastic measures against the media, while the Modi government has shared all the information related to the situation in Parliament.

The government has allowed journalists from India and abroad to travel to Kashmir, where, he added, stone throwing incidents have declined by more than half.

Referring to Chidambaram's attack on the government on the issue of economic slowdown, he said that low inflation and high economic growth have been the highlights of Modi's dispensation since 2014, while the opposite was true for the former UPA regime led by Congress.