Kathak's performance 'Jayati Keshvam' shows 10 incarnations of Krishna

the Festival 'Ballet Katha' organized by the Jawahar Kala Kendra The artistic and cultural center of Jaipur, concluded on Wednesday. ‘Jayati Keshavam’ organized under the vision and choreography of Kathak Guru, Dr. Shashi Shankhla, marvelously exhibited 10 incarnations of Lord Krishna. 2

This experimental piece was composed taking into account the dance techniques of Jaipur Kathak Gharana. It incorporated 8 main rhythms used in Kathak dance: Dadra, Rupak, Kahrwa, Ekatal, Chautal, Dhamar, Teental, Jhaptaal. In the previous dance piece, vocal, saatvik and acting, Navaras and Kathak's Mudras hand were represented with beauty and elegance.


the performance was based on the concept that God is all-pervasive, all-capable, but by giving special blessings to the living beings, through his vision, touch and actions, God himself appears to give his devotees the opportunity to salvage their divine ‘Leela’. the composition of ‘Jayati Keshavam’ is based on the epic song, ‘Geet Govind’ composed in Sanskrit by poet, Shri Jayadev. the lyrics of the ‘Bandish’ are in ‘Keshav Dhart Dasavidhi’ form.

4 Los artistas que actuaron en el evento incluyeron: Rajiv Singh, Ishwar Sharma, Radhika Arora, Niharika Joshi, Jhankriti Jain, Isha Khandelwal, Diya Singh, Angela Maria Gurung, Aira Kapoor, Diya Agarwal y Aishwi Roongta. Del mismo modo, the artistas acompañantes incluyeron a Shree Munna Lal Bhat (Voz y Armonio), Zafar Mohammad Khan (Tabla), Sr. Hari Har Sharan Bhatt (Sitar) y Praveen Arya (Pakhavaj).